Meet The Trainer

Evan Smith

Owner & Trainer

My journey into the dog training world started out as a curiosity, but quickly grew into a passion. I had just bought a little beagle from a local rescue and realized that if I was going to give her the best life possible, I needed to learn how to train her.

After studying and practicing many different training methods I arrived at, and was taught, the NePoPo® system by Michael and Bart Bellon.

In this system, the dog learns to love the training. Because of this the dog performs, with heart and soul, the behaviors we have taught him. The system also prepares the dog to one day receive a correction without any chance of crushing their motivation. We can build a robust, free thinking dog who wants to engage with us.

I’m a certified NePoPo® instructor as well as a musician and educator. I love teaching dogs, and people, to enjoy the learning process. I teach ignition; once you have it, the sky is the limit.