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Board and Train

best in timonium-lutherville

✔  Need professional intervention right away?

✔  Are you looking for a well-trained dog ASAP? 

✔  Are you going on vacation and need boarding for your pup?

✔  Do you have a busy lifestyle with limited time in your schedule for you to commit to training your dog?

let us do it for you!

the scarlet k9 difference

We take no more than two dogs at once to ensure each pup receives our undivided attention, and your pup will live with us like a member of the family. After your dog’s stay is complete, you will receive a series of go-home lessons so that you can stay consistent with the training at home and have a lifetime of success. 

here's what you and your pup have to look forward to:

➕ Newly built facility.

➕ Customized programs to fit you and your pup’s needs.

➕ Field trips to parks, neighborhoods, and dog-friendly stores.

➕ Socialization opportunities and lots of exercise.

➕ Professional quality pictures and video during your pup’s stay.

Ongoing support from your trainer after program completion. 

our programs

2 week on-leash

14 days + follow up lessons


6 months and older

Your dog will learn how to behave and follow obedience commands both in the home as well as out and about in public while under distraction. The days of pulling, barking, lunging, and jumping will be gone, and you will be able to enjoy the time you spend with your dog even more. 

3 week off-leash

21 days + follow up lessons

$4500 + e-collar

6 months and older

Your dog will learn how to behave and follow obedience commands both in the home as well as out and about in public while under distraction, with the added benefit of having control of your dog while off-leash. Picture your dog having the time of their life running around in an open field while off leash, and coming back to you when called.  

behavior rehabilitation

pricing & duration varies due to severity

call for more info

this option is for dogs who are exhibiting severe behavioral problems such as extreme anxiety, fear, and/or aggression towards humans and animals. we teach your dog how to properly manage stress, make good decisions, and control themselves in the face of stressful situations. rehabilitating and healing a dog’s mind takes time, patience, and a steady hand.

1-3 weeks puppy development

7-21 days + go home lesson

$1250 per week

8 weeks to 16 weeks old

start your puppy off on the right paw with a proper foundation. by the end of the program, you’ll have a better-behaved puppy with a solid base to build upon once they get older. crate training, potty training, fixing problem behaviors, learning polite behavior, confidence building, socialization and exposure, and an introduction to obedience commands. during the go-home lesson you will learn how to be consistent with this training as well as how to stick to the road map we have laid out for your puppy so they can grow into the perfect adult dog.   

your dog's vacation home

what our clients say

what our clients say