Board and Train

board your dog with us for a few weeks, and by the end of the program you will pick up a fully trained dog. During your dog’s stay, they will live with me and my family like a member of our family, while receiving top level professional training. after your dog’s stay is complete, you will also be given a series of lessons so that you can stay consistent with the training at home and have a lifetime of success with your best friend. in addition to these lessons, you will have ongoing support from me even after the program is over to make sure that you continue to be successful. 

while your dog is here with us, they will live like royalty in our brand new facility that has been custom built to ensure the highest level of comfort, and lowest level of stress possible (more information and pictures at the bottom of the page).  

during the training process you will have ongoing communication with me so you will always know how your dog is progressing through the program. you will get status updates in the form of pictures and videos so you can actually see the progress, instead of just reading about it. My goal is to make sure you have a happy, healthy, and well-trained dog when you come to pick-up so that you can live the best life possible with your best friend. 

1-3 weeks puppy development

7-21 days + go home lesson


8 weeks to 16 weeks old

start your puppy off on the right paw with a proper foundation. by the end of the program, you’ll have a better-behaved puppy with a solid base to build upon once they get older. crate training, potty training, fixing problem behaviors, learning polite behavior, confidence building, socialization and exposure, and an introduction to obedience commands. during the go-home lesson you will learn how to be consistent with this training as well as how to stick to the road map we have laid out for your puppy so they can grow into the perfect adult dog.   

2 week on-leash

14 days + follow up lessons


6 months and older

The perfect program for dog owners who want control of their dog wherever they go, but don’t necessarily need or want the extra level (or expense) of off-leash training. Your dog will learn how to behave and follow obedience commands such as sit/stay, down/stay, place, come, and heel, while on-leash, both in the home as well as out and about in public while under distraction. 

3 week off-leash

21 days + follow up lessons

$3800 + e-collar

6 months and older

This program gives you all the on-leash obedience from the 2 week program, with the added benefit of having control of your dog while off-leash. allow your dog the ultimate freedom on trails, open fields, etc, while having complete confidence in knowing that you can call your dog back to you. not only will your dog have off-leash freedom, but you will also be able to properly control your dog while under high levels of distraction. this program is best for those with active lifestyles, take their dog to many different places, and need a high degree of obedience in their dog.  

your dog's vacation home