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Training Success Story: Warrior

Warrior holds a very special place in our hearts. We fostered and trained him back in 2019, and have had the privilege of seeing his resounding growth from a severely abused feral dog into a family dog.

Cold Weather Safety Tips

In the event you have to contend with super cold weather and snowy, icy conditions, we have some tips to help keep your pup safe and warm as you head outside.

Understanding Your Dog on a Deeper Level

In modern dog training, we need to take into consideration more than just the behavior of the dog we are training. We also need to take into consideration the emotional state of our dog.

Holiday Gift Guide

Need some ideas for the pet lover in your life? Or are you looking for something perfect for your own pup? Check out our holiday gift guide for some tried and true gifts that’ll be sure to please owner and pup!

Obedience or Good Behavior?

What is the difference between a well-behaved dog and a well-trained dog? Do we want obedience, good behavior, or both?

DIY Sunflower Snuffle Mat

We have the perfect craft project for you and your pup – a DIY sunflower snuffle mat! It’s fun, easy, and budget friendly! Continue reading for the step-by-step to start making your own.