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Health & Safety

Cold Weather Safety Tips

In the event you have to contend with super cold weather and snowy, icy conditions, we have some tips to help keep your pup safe and warm as you head outside.

Diet and Nutrition

In this blog I will outline the diet that I feed my dog, Scarlet, and detail the reasoning behind each part of her diet. The goal of this blog is not to convert you into a raw diet only believer, but to give you a new perspective on the dietary flexibility dogs can have.

The Use of Anti-Anxiety Drugs for Dogs

Going to the vet can be difficult for some dogs. Some dogs are fearful, and some dogs show aggressive behaviors. I also see many owners mistake their dog’s excited behavior for fearful or anxious behavior. Regardless of fearfulness or aggression, the over-abundance and overuse of “anti-anxiety” drugs has become rampant in recent years.

Navigating the Summer Heat

Learn more about what conditions need to be avoided, what signs/symptoms to look for, and how to treat them if an emergency does happen.