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cold weather safety tips

It’s been a mild January so far (we’re not complaining!), but in the event we have super cold weather and snowy, icier conditions to contend with, we wanted to share some tips to help keep your pup safe and warm if you have to head outside. 

Slowly acclimate your pup to the cold weather. Start with small sessions before you build up to longer walks or play sessions outside.

Trim long hair between tows and pads. These areas can have snow clump up or ball together. Always check your dog’s feet after you come inside to remove any snow that may be there. You may want to even consider dog booties if your dog doesn’t mind them!

Avoid ice! This may sound like a no brainer, but if you come across a scenic pond or the like, don’t let them walk on it. You do NOT want to risk the ice breaking and them falling in!

Keep up with grooming! You want to avoid having your pup shaved down so they can keep their longer coat during the winter to stay warmer.

Rock Salt & Antifreeze: Be on the lookout for any areas with blue or green liquids, which is mostly likely antifreeze, and any surfaces that could have rock salt. Antifreeze is toxic to dogs and rock salt can cause upset stomachs and irritate paws.

If it’s simply just too cold outside, consider brain games and other play ideas for the indoors, like tug and hide-and-seek. This will help stimulate their brains and burn some energy.