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DIY Sunflower Snuffle Mat

We have the perfect craft project for you and your pup – a DIY sunflower snuffle mat! It’s fun, easy, and budget friendly! Continue reading for the step-by-step to start making your own.



  • 3 sheets of yellow felt (12″x18″) – Generally available at your local craft store
  • 2 sheets of brown felt (12″x18″)
  • 1 sink mat with holes (we got ours from the Dollar Store)
  • Round bowl or container to size the shape of your sunflower mat (we used a microwave cover)
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

step 1: cut mat to size

Position your round bowl/container on the sink mat and trace the circular shape with your sharpie. Be sure not to draw on your container! Just use the container as a guide – the tracing does not have to be precise. 

Cut out the circle of your sink mat. 

step 2: prep & cut felt strips

Measure and draw out your felt strips to 1″x6″ on both your yellow and brown felt sheets. If you have the exact 12″x18″ size sheets we used, you should have 36 strips per sheet. 

Cut strips to size.

step 3: tie strips to mat

Starting from the center, begin tying brown strips. Loop under and around a hole in the sink mat and then tie tight on the top. Continue forming the brown center until you have a decent sized circle to start with. We’ll add more of the brown strips later.


Start tying yellow strips around the outer edge to fill in the sunflower’s “petals.” 

Continue tying the yellow strips evenly around the outer edge, slowly working towards the middle as you go. Leave space in-between the yellow and brown so you can finish the center when ready.

Once all of the yellow strips have been used (you should use them all up if using the 12″X18″ sheets), fill in the rest of the center with the brown strips. Look for any noticeable gaps and tie those first. 

step 4: time to start sniffing!

Now you’re all set! Hide some treats (or even use kibble from your pup’s meals for feeding fun), and let them start sniffing!






Scarlet loves hers! And you never know, even cats, like our Stella, might like it too!