holiday gift guide

Need some ideas for the pet lover in your life? Or are you looking for something perfect for your own pup? Check out our holiday gift guide for some tried and true gifts that’ll be sure to please owner and pup!

stuffless squeaky toy

Perfect for the dog that’s just too good at destroying toys full of stuffing. Not only can it get messy, but it can be very dangerous if ingested. The plus side to this squeaker toy is that you can stuff with a material of your own choice. Our favorite: a plastic water bottle! It’s super satisfying for the dog to chew on, is long lasting, and not nearly as dangerous. Bonus: there are LOTS of design options to choose from in this listing.

elk antlers

Skip the rawhides! They can splinter easily and are not the safest to chew on. We always suggest uncooked bones and elk antlers. They’re better for your dog’s teeth and are not as risky to chew. Elk antlers, although super long lasting, can be pricey when bought in store, but this 1 lb. pack of elk antlers is a bargain! They’re already split so the marrow is exposed and more desirable to chew on.

treat puzzles

Ideal for the picky eater or the pup that needs mental stimulation. Treat puzzles encourage the dog to exercise their brain and helps keep them busy. Also works great as a slow feeder! Oh, and they’re great for cats too! There are a variety of puzzles out there and too many to choose from, but here’s one that’s always a hit.

redbarn naturals meat roll

We’re always looking for high quality nutritious foods for our pets and client dogs. This meat roll is packed with real meat and high-quality, garden-fresh ingredients. We cut the roll into cubes for treats when training dogs, but it even works great as a full meal or a food topper. 


kong corestrength Ball

This is our favorite ball to use when playing fetch! It’s durable and holds up really well to strong chewers we’ve had in training. There are also no rattles or squeakers inside that you have to worry about like other balls that can be easily destroyed. As with all chewing toys, over-extended use at one time can result in a higher likelihood of damage to the toy, so we always suggest supervision when in use.

flirt pole

It looks like a fishing rod or a really large wand cat toy, but it’s made just for dogs! We recommend these for the dog that loves to chase. See a photo below of previous board and train siblings, Gus and Rose, having a blast with the flirt pole!

laifug orthopedic memory foam bed

These beds are worth it! They come with removable and machine washable protective covers and a waterproof liner. To put it simply, they hold up! Gone are the days you have to keep replacing beds because of bad odor or potty accidents. Plus, they provide maximum support for your pup with orthopedic foam and comfortable head rests.