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In-Home Programs

in-home programs

standard program

5 sessions


6 months and older

In this program, you will work one on one with a professional trainer to teach your dog manners, obedience, and most importantly, to listen to you. No more pulling, no more jumping, and no more ignoring you. Enjoyable walks, calm behavior in the house, and following commands, all with a happy and confident dog.  

Premium program

6 sessions

$2300 + cost of e-collar

6 months and older

Work one on one with a professional trainer to teach your dog proper behavior, to listen to you and follow obedience commands, and to come when called while off leash. You will have the ability to take your dog to an open field and let them run around while off leash, while having complete confidence that your dog will come back to you when called.

behavior bootcamp

10 sessions

$3000 + cost of e-collar

6 months and older

this program is designed for dogs that suffer from fear, anxiety, separation distress, or aggressive behavior. this program gives us more time to properly pinpoint the cause of these behavioral issues and help your dog overcome them. 

everything that is included in the premium dog program is also included in this program. any other equipment that is deemed necessary (a muzzle for example) will also be included in the cost of the program. 

when it comes to behavioral issues like fear and anxiety, we show through obedience that the dog has the ability to control the environment through their behavior i.e. “if i sit, i get rewarded.” small victories lead to confidence. and confidence leads to strength in behavior. once we have that, we can desensitize your dog to all the triggers that make him fearful or anxious. 

with aggressive dogs we teach the foundational obedience skills and then use those to give the dog a job instead of displaying aggressive behavior, while also desensitizing them to whatever triggers their aggression. 

instead of punishing the aggressive behaviors, we show the dog that there is no need to show those aggressive behaviors. the dog learns that good things happen whenever the trigger is presented. because of this, we completely change the dog’s mindset towards the trigger.

what our clients say

what our clients say